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Maldives : 99% of the country covered by sea , 1 % land, 1200 corals islands …

One of the main complaint raised by clients staying in a resort is the lack of interaction with the Maldivian culture and sometimes the boredom after a week of being “imprisoned in a golden jail”. Maldives is not only luxury resorts and has so much more to offer than overpriced accommodation in a compact and  self-sufficient hotel.

You are looking for relaxation, adventure, culture, tradition,  virgin and untouched islands, tourists free snorkeling and diving spots, human interaction? Then hop on a safari boat* and cruise around Maldives for a few days, a week or more !

*cruising vessels in Maldives are called safari boats or liveaboard vessels

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Booking a cruise trip in Maldives is one of the most affordable way to explore the paradise nation. It is also the only way to visit some of the most remote atolls and uninhabited islands of the country.

As a comparison 2 days on a 4* resort costs as much as a 7 day cruise on a traditional wooden vessel. If you like to travel with style you can also book a 5* luxury yacht , there is a wide choice of vessels and a large price range to suit all budgets. By booking a cruise holiday you will not have to spend a single extra penny apart from souvenirs and drinks.


All safari boat operators will provide 3 meals a day and 5 oclock snacks included in your package. You will enjoy fresh fish and seafood, experience a moonlight barbecue on a deserted island, taste a large selection of meals from the traditional Maldivian cuisine to the continental  food, up to you to decide what you want to eat.


Do not worry if you like to enjoy a cold beer, a glass of wine or a more sophisticated drink while watching the sunset, all the live aboard vessel have an alcohol license with a large selection of spirits. Few vessels also offer the all inclusive option with drinks included.


Excursions are also included in your package. Your captain will take you to secluded deserted island, local fishermen islands, private sandbanks, snorkeling in the most reputed and untouched areas, fishing the Maldivian way, scuba diving, surfing and so much more .


Basic equipment such as snorkeling gears, fishing lines are included. No need to spend a fortune by purchasing your fins, mask and scuba before coming to Maldives.


Imagine the privacy and intimacy of sharing a small ship cruise with your own group of friends and family!

In Maldives the term “Cruise boat” refers to small traditional or luxury private vessels. We are very far from the gigantic and impersonal cruise liner. You can, as a honeymoon couple, a family with kids or a group of friends enjoy your own private cruising for a very affordable price.

Safari boats usually feature from 1 to 10 cabins for the largest boats,  have double bed, air condition or fan, private bathroom with toilet and hot and cold shower . All boats have sun deck, dining room, small living room with tv, sun beds… According to the boat size and boat standards  you might  also find an inside and outside dining room, a bar, a library, a spa, jaccuzzi, a small entertainment lounge etc…

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Another reason for choosing cruise holidays is the fact that all packages and itineraries can be tailored or built completely from scratch to suit client’s needs.  Don’t worry, if you don’t know much about Maldives, all the operators have excellent itinerary to offer for a complete discovery of the country. Itineraries include snorkeling, visit of uninhabited islands , visit of local islands , deserted sandbanks and eventually resort islands day tour

If you are more into surfing, fishing or scuba diving then just inform your operator, he will offer you a tailor made itinerary to suit your needs. Please note that scuba diving may entail additional fees.


Personalized service is another advantage of cruise packages. Cabin crew and captain will take good care of you during all your stay . You will be pampered , crew are real passionate people and it is vital for them that you have a unforgettable and authentic experience in their beautiful country. They will assist and advise you, give you explanations and show you the most beautiful places of Maldives.

Do not hesitate to talk to your captain during the trip if you would like to make any changes to your meal , meal times, itinerary or if you have any special requests.


Every day will be filled with surprises. You will enjoy multiple snorkeling expeditions and see untouched and tourist free snorkeling spots.  You will visit some of the smallest inhabited islands, home to people of the Maldives, not resorts. Sometimes you will have to ask for a special permission from the local chief to visit these islands. This permission is always granted,  it is just a polite way to announce yourself before entering the islanders life . You will see where local children go to school, how people live,  how people work, what they do for entertainment .  You will discover the traditional music bodu beru, taste the Maldivian delicacies, experience traditions and way of life that belong to another era . You will visit the real Maldives, bask under the sun , spend hours on deserted sandbanks or Robinson Crusoe islands surrounded by pristine lagoons of intensely blue-green waters. You will see landscapes and underwater world, live experience that none of the tourists staying on a resort or in a guest house will never see.

The Maldives Islands are one of those rare travel destinations that can live up to the label of ‘paradise’, but for most people they’re out of reach either because they’re so far away or cost so much to visit. A private ship charter offers your family or small group exclusivity, flexibility, savings and is the most convenient, cheapest and intelligent way to discover Maldives

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