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honeymoon beach wwwcruise-maldivescom

White sands, crystal waters & remote deserted islands make holidays to the Maldives the perfect honeymoon destination.  Maldives are like a dream for newlywed couples but exclusiveness, intimacy and romance come with a price. Don’t worry if  you are a  not the millionaire type because in this article we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each holiday’s type available in Maldives. We will give you some money saving tips and unveil some secrets budget solution for an unforgettable honeymoon in Maldives.

Let’s start with the classic honeymoon holidays type in Maldives :

3 aerial view resort www cruise-maldivescom

Most of the honeymoon couples dream of a romantic vacation in a 5 stars luxury resort and this is an excellent decision if you have enough money to afford this kind of holidays. Resorts will provide you with excellent food and beverages, beautiful accommodations, spa treatments, wide choice of excursions but also extra added-values to honeymoon customers.

Honeymoon benefits

All newlyweds couples are entitled to Honeymoon benefits . Benefits vary from one resort to the other. For some resorts it can be a discount or a special offer (  free nights, free excursions, meal plan upgrade, room upgrade…) or simply some gifts on arrival (free romantic dinner, champagne bottle in the room, bed decoration, souvenirs, fruit basket, spa treatment…) .  When searching for your hotel do not hesitate to ask what are the honeymoon benefits and always  compare the offers as some packages are more interested than others. Please note that you must provide a wedding certificate and be married for less than 6 months to be eligible for honeymoon offers.

Photo credits : Komandoo resortJumeirah DhevanafushiVilamendhoo island

Wedding ceremony

Actually it is not possible to marry in the Maldives but the ultimate experience for newlyweds couples staying on a resort is the Maldivian ceremony.  This ceremony usually takes place on the beach (decorated for the occasion) and includes recitation of wedding vow, reading passage of book of good will, exchange of rings, traditional dancers and musicians, champagne, romantic dinner…. Also, prior to the wedding ceremony, bride will receive hair dressing session, make up,  and will be helped for the dressing. Bridal procession will take place before and after the wedding ceremony and bride & groom will be escorted by local musicians.  This original and lovely celebration comes at a price and is not considered as a legal wedding. We advise you to check and compare wedding ceremony offers from the different resorts.

Photo credits : Baros Resort

Professional photographer

The presence of an in-house professional photographer is another big advantage . This is a great plus if you want to capture those once-in-a-lifetime memories with your lover. Please note that this service is chargeable.

Renewal of vows

If you are no longer newlyweds you can always opt for a renewal of vows ceremony. This ceremony is quite similar to the wedding ceremony and is proposed in all the resorts in Maldives.

Photo credits : Taj Exotica Kuredu island resort


  • Honeymoon packages, special offers and honeymoon services

  • Postcard-like romance

  • Accommodations

  • Food and beverages


  • High-prices

  • Limited exposure to local life and authentic Maldives

  • Extras are expensive (excursions/spa/water sports/drinks/food)

  • Uniqueness; everyone goes to resorts two by two to enjoy the same identical honeymoon celebrations.

cruises wwwcruise-maldivescom

What better way to start your life together (and relax from your wedding), than by enjoying a honeymoon yacht charter in Maldives. Instead of staying in a resort, experience the live-aboard cruises with the loved one.

Excursions & Water sports

When booking a cruise all excursions and water sports are included. Your captain will take you to secluded deserted island, you will walk hand in hand on deserted beaches, visit local islands, sandbanks, and experience tourist free and untouched snorkeling or scuba diving spots. You will visit the real Maldives, bask under the sun, spend hours on deserted sandbanks or Robinson Crusoe islands surrounded by pristine lagoons of intensely blue-green waters. You will see landscapes and underwater world, live experience that none of the tourists staying on a resort or in a guest house will never have.

Food and beverages

3 meals a day and 5 o’clock snacks are included in your package. You will enjoy fresh fish and seafood, experience a romantic moonlight barbecue on a deserted island, and taste a large selection of meals from the traditional Maldivian cuisine to the continental food, up to you to decide what you want to eat. All the boats have an alcohol license with a large selection of spirits. Ideal if you want to admire a romantic sunset while enjoying cocktails.


In Maldives the term “Cruise boat or safari boat” refers to small traditional or luxury private vessels. We are very far from the gigantic and impersonal cruise liner. You can, as a honeymoon couple enjoy your own private cruising for a very affordable price. You can also share the fun by sharing the boat with other passengers (or friends/family) and then reduce the cost of your holidays.

Cruise boats in Maldives usually feature from 1 to 10 cabins for the largest boats,  have double bed, air condition or fan, private bathroom with toilet and hot and cold shower . All boats have sun deck, dining room, small living room with tv, sun beds… According to the boat size and boat standards you might also find an inside and outside dining room, a bar, a library, a spa, jaccuzzi, a small entertainment lounge etc…


  • Budget-friendly

  • You know the cost in advance (no extras except alcohol and souvenirs)

  • Exciting excursions and adventures

  • Authentic and Tailor made holidays

  • Postcard-like romance and scenery

  • Outside the box holidays

  • Service


  • Lack of intimacy  (if sharing the boat with passengers you don’t know )

  • Accommodations ( less spacious and less amenities than an hotel room )

  • Food ( less variety and choice than resort holidays)

Guest houses wwwcruise-maldivescom

You want a resort honeymoon holiday type without spending thousands on accommodation, food and excursions? In Maldives guest-house term refers to small hotels located on a local islands where Maldivian population live. Accommodations are usually cheap and plenty of excursions can be arranged by your guest house. By booking a guest house you will surely be able to save money , interact with the locals and experience a real Maldivian life.

Honeymoon benefits

Just like the resorts, guest-houses will provide honeymoon benefits. These benefits are less charming than the ones given by the resort but they can be an extra to reason to choose guest-house type vacations.  Complimentary amenities offered can be of different types:

A free excursion ( most likely a dolphin cruise or sunset cruise ), a bed decoration and fruit platter on arrival, a room upgrade, a romantic dinner on the beach…

Do not hesitate to compare the different offers given by the guests house and choose what suits you best.


You will surely be surprised by the accommodations quality in some guests house. Of course you cannot compare with the luxury villas you find in 5* resorts,but generally rooms are quite spacious, very clean and well designed with a modern look. Do not expect a private swimming pool or a water-villa ( not allowed on the local island) but you can be sure you will get a comfortable and private love nest.


Tours are not included in your room rate but you will find plenty of small businesses outside your guest house offering excursions. Your guesthouse itself will have a large selection of tours to choose from. Prices for excursions are usually a bit cheaper than resorts and the tours proposed are no different. You will be able to experience snorkeling excursions, dolphin/sunset/fishing cruises, all kind of water sports, scuba diving, sandbanks etc…

Some of the local islands have a private beach where tourists can wear bikinis and newlyweds couples can enjoy intimate moments. Most famous local islands in Maldives.


  • Budget-friendly

  • Good quality accommodations

  • Exciting excursions and adventures

  • Outside the box holidays

  • Honeymoon benefits


  • Excursions and water sports (chargeable)

  • No alcohol ( alcohol is not allowed on the local island)

  • No bikinis ( unless a dedicated tourist beach is present on the island)

  • Food ( less variety and choice than resort holidays)

  • Transportation ( long journey if your local island is far away from Male )






Want to know more about honeymoon in Maldives ? Do not hesitate to send us a message and we will revert to you very shortly.



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