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As you already know from our previous articles, there are many transportation modes from Malé airport to your final destination.


Resorts/Islands nearby Male and international airport are most likely to be accessible by speedboat.


seaplane TMA located in outer atolls, far away from Male and airport, are accessible either by seaplane or by domestic. Seaplane transfer means that almost every corner of the country can be reached by air, given that they don’t require a runway.



In case your resort/Island is located too far away and out of range for seaplane to operate then domestic flight is the only solution.

Unlike seaplane, domestic flight requires a runway. From Male airport your domestic flight will take you to the regional airport closer to your resort.

After landing, a short speedboat ride from the regional airport to your resort will end the journey.

There are 12 regional airports in the country and all of them are linked to the capital by regular flights.  Domestic flights have a published schedule whereas the seaplane schedule is made up according to the numbers of arriving and departing passengers and their international flight times.


Maldives airports – ©

It is easy to know the departure times of your domestic flights to see how they connect with your international flight whereas seaplane schedules are only released one day prior to departure.

Domestic flight is a small plane ( Dash8 or ATR ) , faster and much more comfortable than seaplane. Domestic flights are all Air conditioned and you will be served juice and biscuits midflight. Seats are comfortable with good legroom and the views out of the windows are amazing (as usual when flying over the atolls).

Inside Flyme Aircraft

One the main advantage of Domestic flight is the ability for the aircraft to fly day and night when seaplanes only fly in daylight hours. It means that you can easily book an international flight arriving or departing at night time. It will give you extra time to enjoy the resort, you will not be asked to leave early afternoon by seaplane and wait several hours at the airport to catch your international night flight.


Kooddoo regional airport on a rainy day

Domestic flights are also cheaper than the seaplane transfer. If you are on a tight budget, if you want to save extra money for some nice excursions or a romantic diner this is a transfer mode to consider.

Domestic flights are run by two domestic airlines, “Maldivian” (10 airplanes) and “FlyMe” (3 airplanes) . A brand new airline “Manta Air” is set to launch in October 2018.

Just a little disadvantage with the domestic flight is that after reaching the regional airport, you will still have to embark for a short speedboat  ride to your island-resort. According to your resort distance from the regional airport it might take an extra 20 to 40 minutes to finally reach your destination.

speedboat transfer to the resort

speedboat ride from regional airport to resort


How do I book my domestic flight?

Your resort will usually take care of all the transfer arrangements. Charges for domestic flight will be included in your final invoice. You can also purchase your ticket directly online via the domestic airlines website.

How much is a domestic flight from Male airport to regional airport?

Price will depend on the regional airport location, and the airline. Return transfer starts approximately from USD 300 per person.

What is the baggage allowance? 

In general each passenger may carry between 20 and 25 kg of checked luggage and 5 kg of hand luggage free of charge.

What is the excess baggage fee?

US $2.00 per Kg/way will be charged for excess baggage

What are the costs for children ?

Free of charge for children under 2 years old. Between 2 and 12 years old, discount will apply. Above 12 years old full price will be charged.

How long is the domestic flight from Male airport to regional airport?

Flight duration will depend on the regional airport location and the distance from Male airport.

Flight time is generally between 30 and 50 minutes.

Dharavandhoo regional airport

Dharavandhoo island and regional airport – ©

Can domestic flight  fly at night ?

Yes, unlike seaplane,  domestic flights operate day & night

How early should I arrive at the airport for my flight? 

Domestic travellers are recommended to arrive 1 hour prior flight time.

When do check-in counters open and close?

Check-in counters open 2 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure.

How long do we have to wait at Male Airport prior to domestic flight ?

It will depend of your international flight arrival time. The average waiting time is usually 1 hour and 30 minutes. Domestic flights schedules can be affected by international flight arrival delays

Where do we have to wait at Male airport ?

After collecting your luggage from the international terminal you will be directed to the domestic terminal ( 2 minutes walking distance ). Once checked-in you can remain in the domestic terminal hall and wait until your boarding gate is open. If your domestic flight has been booked by the resort you will have free access to the domestic lounge. At the domestic lounge you will get free snacks, drinks & internet (chargeable Spa treatments also available)

How many seats in a domestic flight ?

Domestic aircraft can accommodate from 37 to 68 Passengers (according to aircraft model)







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